This week I want to talk about Email Opt In Boxes.  You know that you need one to capture subscribers. but do you have one?  If you do, how well is it working for you?  Are you getting lots of new signups or just a small trickle, or maybe none at all?  Your subscribers are your most important asset. Getting subscribers can be a challenge, especially if you are a new business, so I have 5 Killer Tips on how to get new subscribers.

1. Make it obvious. 
Make sure your opt-in form above the fold. Don’t make visitors hunt for your opt-in form. Design it with a color that contrasts from the rest of your site.  What does above the fold mean?  Above the fold simply means positioned in the upper half of a web page and visible without scrolling down the page.

2. Keep it simple, stupid (The KISS principle)
The KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore simplicity should be a key goal in  design and unnecessary complexity should be avoided.

People need easy and the easier you can make it for them the more sign ups you will get. You run the risk of losing subscribers if you are telling them to enter their first name, last name, phone, zip code etc. before they can receive communication from you.  Asking for too many details will turn visitors off and they will not take the time to fill out too many options.  Try to make it as easy as possible, your visitors will love you for that.

3. Give them a reason!
Simply asking people to sign up for a newsletter won’t cut it. Give people an incentive to join your list, whether that’s a discount on their first order, a valuable free report, or a free consultation.

4. Watch your language!
Don’t call your newsletter a newsletter.  Studies show that the term “Weekly updates” usually get far more subscribers than newsletters. Most of us are already subscribed to too many newsletters.  I get an average of 50 newsletters a day, yikes!

5. Be “POP”ular
There are a lot of mixed feelings about pop ups.  They can be highly effective and the latest ones can be configured so that they are displayed after certain pages are visited or after a certain time spent on the site. There are several types of pop-ups you can use and when used appropriately and sparingly, your visitors won’t mind at all.

So here are just a few ways that you can get more subscribers.  There are many other ways that you can get more email subscribers like hosting a webinar, pay-per-click advertising, guest blog posting, and Facebook contests are just a few of them.  Want more tips about opt in boxes?  Check out this past post on my website: 6 Steps to Catch More Opt-ins Than Ever Before

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