GraphicsA web with no graphics would be a bit like chili without the seasoning! Graphics, photos and clipart are to your website as spices are to your cooking – enhancing the experiencing and leaving you with a more memorable experience.

However, just as food can be too spicy, there can be too many images on the page ruining the experience, so you’ll need to find a happy, medium. Too many images can actually turn visitors away. So what type of graphics will harm more than help your website? Glad you asked. Let’s have a look at 5 ways graphics can hurt your online business.

Too Large

When images are too large they can be too slow to load and they can also take away from the text. The purpose of the image is usually to help convey an idea relating to the content. When the image takes up too much of the screen, the visitor can be distracted missing the purpose of the site.


When your website is a business design, you need to focus on the content of your pages and the overall message they project. You need to ensure the images you use are appropriate and reflect your business values correctly. If you do not present your image appropriately to the audience you are targeting it could be more detrimental than helpful.

Poor Quality Images

Using images that are unclear, fuzzy, poorly centered or amateur in other ways will be reflected in the assumption your business is also amateurish. No images are better than poor quality images.

Illegal Images

There’s a lot of creative images on the internet and you might do a right click and save without thinking much about it. The problem is that if you use these images on your website and you may find yourself facing copyright infringement. Use only those images that are royalty free unless you have permission to use others.

Ignoring the Use of the ALT Tag

Many people ignore the ALT tags, not realizing just how important it is. The alt tag is like a free sign to your website. Without the use of the ALT tag, your website is at a disadvantage for visitors and you will also be non-compliant when it comes to web standards.

Knowing how graphics can hurt your website as well as help your website will help you to build your website in a manner that keeps your visitors interested in what your website has to offer.