Yesterday, I had the great pleasure and honor to be a guest speaker on the Global Fab Friends group created by Ali Soleil and the theme for this month was Gain A Team And Grow Your Business!  I spoke to them about determining if you need a new team member, where and how to find VA’s, and how to delegate to them. 

TeamWhen I talk to either potential clients or new clients who have never had a team member before, two of the most popular statements that I hear is “I don’t think I can afford to hire anyone”  andHow do I know what and how to delegate?”.

First let’s address the “I can’t afford to hire anyone” issue.  Think of it this way; it might seem that you will lose a little money to hire other people to do some of your daily tasks, but in actuality you will earn more money from the increased available time.  If you have a team member doing administrative or other tasks, that don’t truly bring in revenue from that task, say setting up an opt in box for a free report, within the time that it could take a team member to do this, you could see at least one new client during that time.

Let’s face it, most business owners have tasks we dread doing.  The great news is, there are people out there who actually LIKE doing the things that you dread or don’t know how to do, so why not have them handle these tasks with efficiency?

For the second question, How do I know what and how to delegate?”   Almost every client that I have ever worked with has asked me this question.  I think this is one of the biggest obstacles that business owners have.

This is what I tell them, first, take an inventory of a routine day in your business.   What I mean is to grab a notebook and a pen and keep it with you while you are working.  When you do something, write it down and the time you spent on that task.   Be sure that you are noting all of the tasks that you are doing, even the smallest task that you think really doesn’t matter.   Next make a list of the tasks that you need or want done.  These could be tasks that you might enjoy doing, but are time suckers.  Posting your Social Media is good example, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pinterest, but that is a time sucker for me.

Ok, now take a look at these lists.  Did you realize how much you are doing in one day on routine administrative tasks?  Now you have lists that you can choose which tasks you should delegate to either a Virtual Assistant, Web Designer, Graphic Artist or whatever team member you need.   Go through the lists and note the tasks that you cannot do or don’t like doing.  These are some of the first things that you should outsource.

If you have questions, contact me or request a free consultation on ways that building a team for can benefit you.


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