If you plan to sell physical products, digital products or a variety of services from your website, you might be considering setting up a shopping cart. There are many checkout solutions available ranging from free to low cost paid for solutions.

I am experienced in setting up eCommerce solutions which includes setting up your account, integrating the cart system into your websites, customizing it and branding. To begin, we will schedule a consultation and discuss your business needs and your options.

I have experience with Infusionsoft, 1Shopping Cart, Paypal, WooCommerce, WP EStore and many more.

Here are just some of the tasks that I specialize in for eCommerce Solutions:

  • Shopping cart setup
  • Website integration
  • Cart customization and branding
  • Merchant and payment connections
  • Integrating with email marketing
  • Order and sales tracking and reporting
  • Add to Cart button integration with your site
  • Cart testing