balanceIs your life out of balance?  You may be thinking that your life needs to be more balanced, more time spent at home and with friends and less time spent at work.  Perhaps you’ve even mentioned this to your spouse, girlfriend, best buddy, doctor or co-workers. 


If you have mentioned feeling out of balance, it is likely that at least one of these people raised an eyebrow and explained the facts of life to you.  That is, that nearly everyone is overworked these days and you should just get used to it. 


You may hate what has happened to your life. You may not know how to change it but you can change your life.


Balance Your Life

The solution to balance? 

You must set goals! Involve your boss, co-workers, friends and family in the process.  To keep your life and the life of your family in balance, you need time and attention. But you also need communication. 


Having enough time and focus to appreciate your life outside of work is one thing.  Having the mental, emotional and physical stamina to do it all is another.


Understanding how to keep your life in balance, and what factors are involved to get in balance are also important.


If you can’t manage your time, you will never have enough of it, no matter how few hours you work.


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