file8841263254299We need to continue to make good impressions once we land a client and not assume that we have a client for life.  Unfortunately, we tend to assume that we have a client for life and don’t need to work as hard. They are on board with us, so why worry? I caution that now is the time to worry because now your client is being solicited by the competition. And you have to keep coming out on top.

Clients fear that once you have the check, you will disappear. So remind them that they are top of mind in just 10 minutes. Make a list of 3-5 contacts or clients you have not kept up with as of late and send them each a note letting them know you were thinking about them. It could be as simple as a link to an e-zine you think they might enjoy or a book recommendation that you know would be right up their alley. It’s not about being over the top, it’s about being attentive.

This isn’t the time for a product pitch or even an exclusive coupon for your new program. It’s just to say “thinking of you”. Which will help them think of YOU when it’s time for a recommendation, referral and new project.

Isn’t it time you took the time to have the business you set out to have?

Have a wonderful 10 Minutes Today for a Successful 24 hours Tomorrow!