Solopreneurs like to run their businesses light and tight. If you’re like most solopreneurs, that means you don’t have any employees and you wear many hats throughout the day. You’re the CEO, the bookkeeper, the web designer, the social media specialist, the marketing department, the affiliate recruiter and even the janitor.

You handle every part of your business yourself. Flying solo can be a good thing and it’s certainly fun. But if you want your business to grow, you’ll need to enlist help at some point. Not only will this help your business thrive, it can also make you happier and healthier, too. Here are four quick benefits of outsourcing:

Increased Clarity

It’s hard to look at the big picture when you’re using a microscope. Often, solopreneurs and bloggers get so focused on the daily details, they fail to step back and examine whether their business is heading in the right direction.

When you have other people handling routine details, your vision gets clear. You’ll be able to see which strategies and ideas are growing your business and which ones aren’t.

Better Self-Care

For many solopreneurs and coaches, there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Often, the first thing you remove from your to do list when it’s full is self-care. Although you may not realize it, this is foolish. You can’t serve your clients and be there for your loved ones if you’re always run-down.

When you have more help, you’ll have extra time that you can invest in yourself. You can use this time to get a manicure, book a massage, stop by the hair salon, prepare nutritious meals, or take a nap in the middle of the day. These self-care activities will motivate you so you’ll have more energy to invest in your business and in your relationships.

Stronger Focus

Another advantage of hiring help is that you can focus on the projects that only you can do. This is the important work that your brand is known for. For example, if you’re a coach, then only you can coach your clients. But updating your Instagram account with inspirational quotes? That’s something you can outsource to another service provider.

Good Work/Life Balance

Finding and maintaining a positive work/life balance can be difficult. There might be times when all you want to do is finish a project, so you spend days in front of your laptop or there might be times when you avoid your inbox or blog in the hopes that you won’t have to deal with anything work related.

Choosing a balanced lifestyle is easier when you have talented helpers you trust working for you. With the right people in place, you can rest easy knowing everything will be handled.

Just because you’re a solopreneur, you don’t have to manage every aspect of your business yourself. You can outsource tasks you don’t enjoy or that you struggle so you can get back to focusing on growing your business.

Enlisting help can make your business thrive. Learn how when you download your free workbook.