Are you spending too much of your time going through a ton of email every day? When you have a business, everyone will want to talk to you and in today’s world, email is the communication choice. But all that communication can take up a lot of time. Here are some tips to keep you from feeling buried by all your emails.

email overload

 Can you train other people and yourself to use email better?

YES!! Here are a few tips and tricks.

  • When sending a new email or a reply, use the subject line to give a brief summary about the email.
  • When you reply, don’t just give a yes or no answer. This can start a whole chain of emails or cause the sender to go back and try and figure out what you are saying yes or no to.
  • When sending out emails to a group, let each person know what is needed from them. Let them know at the beginning of the email what is needed.
  • If you want something done, clearly say so.
  • Check email at certain times of each day. Don’t interrupt what you’re doing when a new email comes in.

These may seem hard to do at first, but to avoid inbox overload, get in the habit of doing these few things.  If you are not having this problem yet, take action now and prevent it from becoming a burden in the future.