Today I want to tell you about the Ultimate TinyMCE plug in.  If you are a visual person and find it difficult to make some formatting changes, then this plug in will make things easier for you.

Ultimate TinyMCE will add over 30 new buttons the default visual tinymce editor, giving you the power to visually create your pages and posts. No need for mucking about in HTML and CSS.

How will Ultimate TinyMCE Help You?

  • No need to learn the languages of HTML and CSS (although the basics can certainly help) when creating your pages/posts.
  • Easily manipulate your fonts, font sizes, colors, styles, and css from a graphical user interface.
  • Shortcodes Manager – Now all your shortcodes are available in a handy dropdown box.
  • Create tables through a grahical interface (much like microsoft excel) to display your data.
  • Insert YouTube videos by simply copying and pasting the share url.
  • Graphical Image Mapping to make your images more exciting.
  • Use shortcodes to insert column breaks. This is a VERY cool feature. You can break any content area into up to six separate columns.
  • Ultimate Tinymce will add more than 30 new buttons and features to your visual editor.
  • Accompanying this plugin is a huge contextual help system, designed to help provide specific information, screenshots, and examples for each feature.
Author: Josh Lobe