Today, I want you to be aware of the 3 most commonly used eZine format as practiced by top eZine publishers of any niche.

Ultimately, you can decide which one format is the best for you, though each winning format has their advantages and drawbacks. See below:


Text eZine

2015-11-12_1437This is most common format used by eZine publishers.  The good part of writing your eZine issues and messages in text does not require any kind of sophisticated skills other than writing.

You can easily write your eZine issues in Word program or Notepad and save them for your future eZine releases.

This is also the most recommended eZine format especially when it comes to endorsing a new product or service to your mailing list.

However, the subscriber response rate can be rather lower as compared to the other 2 formats.



2015-11-12_1438While this format requires a degree of HTML skills on your part, you can add more sophisticated features to your eZine issues, making them more appealing to your subscriber thus increases your readership value.

Examples can include framing your eZine issue to be nice looking, changing your fonts, include your picture, and more.

Do note however, that the cons of HTML-designed eZines occasionally get trapped in your subscriber’s spam filters.



pdf-iconThis is probably the least used of all the 3 formats we are discussing today.

While almost every computer user can read PDF format eZines (and not EXE ones), the drawback occurs on the part of the eZine publisher because the commitment on both quality and quantity is heavy.

However, they often make up for quality readership and build a high response rate among the subscribers.

Very often, PDF eZines are published on monthly basis. If you can publish in a shorter frequency, you are indeed doing very well in providing information to your readers.

The great part is that you can embed your affiliate links in your PDF eZine issue and allow your subscribers to pass it around.


Which One is the Best for You?

You do not have to necessarily choose ONLY ONE eZine format, as eZine publishers today do publish in more than one format.

I hope that this has given you an insight in eZine marketing.