“How do I know what and how to delegate?” 

Almost every client that I have ever worked with has asked me this question.  This seems to be one of the biggest obstacles that business owners have.

Many business owners have difficulty growing their business trying to do it all themselves.  They then realize that they need to have a team to help them, and then them seem to get stuck figuring out what to have that team do and thinking that they need to handle all of their tasks themselves.

I hear this quite often and what I tell them:

First, take an inventory of a routine day in your business.   What I mean is to grab a notebook and a pen and keep it with you while you are working.  When you do something, write it down.  If you need something done, but you don’t know how to do it, make sure you write it down, too.  Make a list of ALL the tasks that you do during your day.   Be sure that you are noting all of the tasks that you are doing, even the smallest task that you think really doesn’t matter.  Your tasks could be, making changes to your website, posting social media, adding a new article to your blog, putting together your monthly ezine, making scheduling changes to your calendar, or invoicing clients.  In most cases, your tasks will be repetitive in nature.

Ok, now take a look at this list.  WOW, did you realize how much you are doing in one day on routine administrative tasks?  Now you have a list that you can choose which tasks you should delegate to either a Virtual Assistant, Web Designer, Graphic Artist or whatever team member you need.   Now go through this list and note the tasks that you listed that you cannot do and the tasks that you do not like doing.  These are some of the first things that you could outsource.

At this point you are on your way with how to go about the delegation process and what you can start removing from your to-do list today. If you’d like to schedule a consultation call with us to discuss your needs and see how we might be able to help, please look for the link to the right and you can schedule your free, 30-minute consultation with me.

There are many benefits to having me as your Virtual Assistant and regaining time in your day to grow your business is one of the most important reasons.